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You know how life sometimes just takes over?

In my last post in June I talked about saying “Yes!” to the universe. I must have said Yes! once too often because the universe really did take over!

After my trip to Spain, all the conditions came off my house sale (I alluded to this in my last post – sale came out of nowhere!). Because of personal commitments I needed a long closing – in retrospect I’m not sure that was a good idea, but what’s done is done!

The summer was busy as it always is – my grandson spends a lot of time with me in the summer. In between times I started sorting, unpacking, packing, donating, distributing, dumping… not only did I have 60+ years of my own clutter in the house, I had inherited a bunch of my mum’s (and consequently my dad’s) stuff. I had tons of room so there hadn’t seemed like any rush to get rid of it – and you know… you never know when you might need something! I am my parent’s daughter!

My laptop crashed. That is not a good thing when a huge chunk of one’s life is online. Did you know you can function on an old desktop running Windows XP when you need to? And I learned to do more on my iPhone!

A lovely woman in a nearby town answered my craigslist ad for accommodation so that part went smoothly. I rented a storage locker for things I will need in the future and moved the bare essentials into my new one bedroom suite.

Then the house transition went sideways (there’s always something). Chaos!

A dreadful weather system moved in. Bad timing, Mother Nature!

The “sideways” thing created clutter at my new home and spread the last of my belongings across three different properties. Thank goodness for agreeable brothers and good neighbours.

I seemed to be getting on top of the chaos when it was time to head off to some long-standing commitments: 10 days taking care of my grandson and his menagerie, 2 weeks house and menagerie-sitting for a friend. Menagerie: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chickens!!

Here I am now though, Christmas around the corner, and I seem to be settled. Finally.

My new home is decluttered and arranged the way that works for me.

My new laptop is finally up-to-speed with all my important files and programs.

Sass & Savvy (my new course) is in the final lap.


I have developed a few new habits that seem to be working well for my new life, and I am really excited about the coming year.

How about you?