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Two-plus years ago I saw a meme that said: “Don’t ask me where I’ll be in three years – I don’t have 20/20 vision”.

a very strange year

Almost everyone I speak with agrees that 2019 has been a very strange year with many unpleasant/unfortunate/unexpected events.

While the birth of my 4th grandchild a few weeks ago is definitely a positive, it was preceded by her parents getting burned out of their home due to a neighbour’s negligence, which immediately terminated my daughter’s home-based business (aka income…)

Personally, expenses that come out of seeming nowhere, time management that wouldn’t come together no matter how focused I was, long-term skills that kept glitching… my goodness! by December 2019 I was so ready for the new year, a new decade!  I am so grateful for the joy that is my new granddaughter as it helped diminish the frustrations of the previous 11 months.

Is it merely psychological?

I realize much of my forward-leaning positive attitude is merely psychological, but I do believe strongly in the power of the brain and its emotions.

My closest friends and colleagues are excited about the promise of a new year/decade and that is really infectious.  (Just for the record, I’ll use “year/decade” as the birth of a new year is hopeful enough but the birth of a new decade seems to magnify that hope).  Two of these relationships have been closer than most and, while each is developing in a unique way, we have become inter-dependent so our positivity is uplifting.

2020 Vision

I decided a few weeks back to use the term 2020 Vision as my focus, my keyword, and when I shared the thought with my (other) daughter, she chuckled saying she had already seen the hashtags.

I paused briefly not really wanting to be part of yet another trend but have since decided it works for me, it’s concise, it feels good, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon.


There!  I did it!

I know I’m not alone with my anticipation of the new year/decade.  I seem to travel in a variety of circles and the anticipation, the desire for a new… something, I’m not sure what the right word is… is palpable.

2019 really seemed to shine a light on many of the big issues troubling us globally and the personal setbacks and frustrations added to the cauldron.

What is your vision?

I truly want to hear your take on ‘things’ as we close out this year, this decade.  If things have been good, please share as we could all do with positive news.  If you are in the same boat as many people I know, what is your vision for 2020?

Financial stability.  Surprises that uplift. Joyous events and occasions. Smooth sailing.

That’s the beginning of my list, in no particular order.

What would you add?