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I try not to mince words when I need help so Can You Help Me?  Please and Thank you.

I’m doing some research on some of the difficulties of reaching/being age 60. 

60, 65… for many women those numbers strike terror – or at least depression – into their souls.

For some women, it’s just a number and as soon as “retirement” is in the crosshairs, they’re jumping for Joy! 

I want to talk to those women who are dreading the next chapter of their lives.  You know who are: you’ve spent the last 40 years being a wife, a mother, an employee, a daughter, a caregiver… so many things to so many other people that you’ve lost sight of that young woman who had dreams and plans and excitement for the adult you were going to be.

The Status Quo

Being a daughter and a wife and a mother and an employee is the status quo so you certainly haven’t done anything unusual.  Sometimes, however, those roles demand so much that you are either too tired or too preoccupied to keep your own self in the mix.  Suddenly 60 (or 55 or 65) is on the horizon and you’re sitting there wondering how the hell that happened!  It’s my own story so it’s certainly not a critique.

It is my own story so I can put some of it into words, but I’m hoping to chat with other women in the same boat, to hear their version of this story so my thoughts around it are well-rounded and more complete.  Being able to hear about this mid-life “dip” from a variety of other people will help me understand more perspectives than just my own, and make sure I address as many issues as possible.

The Project

What is that project?  I’m creating a course giving women the tools they need to recharge, to generate excitement for this next chapter, to remember the dreams they had for their life, or create new ones.

I’ve already created a few simple tools, but it’s time to “bring out the big guns”, shall we say.  My afore-mentioned tools get you thinking about the tangibles of this next phase of life, but creating/finding the Mindset to motivate yourself or bring positive energy into your future takes more work and focus.  I want to be sure I’m getting it right.


I’m not sure if it’s necessary to say this but I am doing research only.  I’m not going to store Skype identities or email addresses into a secret file so I can inundate you with sales calls later.  That qualifies as sneaky, or dishonest, and that’s not my style!

The Struggle is Real

If you are, or know a woman who is, struggling with this time of life, would you (or ask her to) spend 15 minutes with me on Skype, or Zoom?  I do have a direction for my course, and have received support from some pretty major authors willing to let me use excerpts from their books as supplementary readings, but it is the words of those women ‘in the trenches’ so-to-speak that I want to hear.  ‘In the trenches’ was a carefully chosen phrase because some days even getting out of bed can be a battle.

I’m excited (now) to make my next 30-40 years great ones!  I want to have lots of company on that adventure!  Click Contact now and drop me a private note or email me at agnes (at)

If you’re interested in my simple tool kit, you’re welcome to sign up for free at – once you sign up, your login info will be sent to you via email.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you better, and truly appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you.