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This article is not the usual subject matter for SassySavvySuccessful, but it’s important.  I know a number of my readers have their own websites or are thinking about having their own websites.

Being online is getting more and more complicated as spammers and hackers and all sort of cyber-baddies do their dastardly deeds.

He Gave Me what-For!

Some time ago an uber-techie friend gave me what-for for logging into my website dashboard with “Admin” even though I had a pretty good Password and a good security system.  Not wanting to bear his wrath a second time, I went to each of my websites and created two unique user names and complex passwords.

This past weekend, one of my websites was battered with log-in attempts.  On Saturday alone, there were no less than 40 lockouts and it takes three failed log-in attempts to get locked out.  The attackers used all the usual log-in names: Admin, admin, user, Editor, even the site name but because my log-in names are unique and unrelated to the site name or content and my passwords are complex, none of these hackers were successful.

My security system tracks where the attackers are from and, this weekend, they were from all around the world. I get an email each time a ‘user’ is locked out and the emails were non-stop all weekend.  It was almost frightening.

It’s Just a Fun Site

The website they attacked?  It’s a fun site I bought for my grandson – who is 8 – to play with and learn web design and a bit of coding on!  It is amateur and childish and of no use to anyone that I can see.

It was such a strange, and unpleasant, experience to have I decided I needed to share the important lesson I learned.  My techie-friend insisted I create two users with unusual names and my passwords are really long and complex.  I have a good security system and thank goodness!  Whenever I set up a new website for myself or a client, I may get it going with ‘admin’ but that gets changed and deleted as part of my initial security set up.

Please Make It Difficult

So, dear reader, if you have a website of your own, please make sure you make the log-in as difficult as you can because, as I learned this past weekend, no one is immune to cyber-bullies!

and… techie-friend, thank you for giving me what-for when you did!

Please use the Comments to relate any hacking attempts you’ve heard about or experienced – it’ll help drive this message home!