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The Memory Bank Is Taking No More Deposits Today

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When my children were teenagers, life was so busy that I needed them to be diligent about using our family daytimer so the above title became my mantra:  “My memory bank is full, it’s taking no more deposits today.”  Really. I had a number of commitments of my own plus three busy teenagers with sports and music and community groups and none of them driving yet.  I had to be hard-nosed that if it wasn’t on the daytimer, a ride was not guaranteed.

I’m using that mantra again.

Today it’s 20 years on and I find myself using that mantra again.  I think this time it’s those twenty years catching up with me.  Those three teenagers are now responsible adults living elsewhere so I can’t use that as an excuse.

These days a lot of my life is online.  Ten years ago I didn’t have a clue how to buy a domain name and today… well, today I buy them, I host them, I build them out, I advise friends and clients on websites, on membership sites, on course creation, on the possibilities, really, of a life online.  That’s a lot of learning to cram into a decade.

There’s more… a podcast

But wait, there’s more.  A podcast.  A friend/colleague and I decided that was a worthwhile endeavour about a year ago.  It’s been an adventure as we did everything sort of bass ackwards.  The last six months have seen me at my worst, procrastination-wise.  (Hmm, if I’m a good procrastinator, perhaps I’ve been at my best?)

You see, I’m the techie in this relationship.  My colleague is the wordsmith, the story goddess, and while I can philosophize with the best of them, I am the only techie in this partnership. Seriously, my partner, given the option, would rather curl up with her quill pen and write day after day, proud of her Luddite gene.

Procrastination? there’s a reason

The tech part is the reason for my procrastination. Life is pretty busy these days as, while the teenagers in my life have moved on, I appear to have replaced them with lovely elders.  My learning curve to get the podcast launched is fairly steep so I’ve been procrastinating – tea with several lovely old women that I’ve known such a long time is a delightful thought compared to hunkering down with a computer and a list of instructions that are slowly making sense to my tired brain.  I seem to have been on so many learning curves these last years that I must admit the thought of this new one is a little daunting.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing it, and I am enjoying it… perhaps it’s the fact that someone else is depending on me to get it together successfully that’s causing the stress.  And the resuscitation of my mantra:  “My memory bank is full, it’s taking no more deposits today.”

I will admit though, that when something needs to be done that only she can do (like her bio) I don’t rush her and I appreciate the short rest my brain gets.

How about you?

How about you?  Are you on any learning curves these days?  Do you love learning curves or do you struggle?  Let me know in the Comments below.

Oh, and by the way… the podcast is called “Two Boomer Women” – I hope you watch for it and join us as we take on any subject that hits our radar.

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Darla M. Sands
1 year ago

I am like your partner for sure. ~grin~ My tendency to hang onto technology too long sometimes comes back to bite me, such as Microsoft no longer supporting Windows 7(!) security updates. My tech savvy husband can only help so far after switching me to version 10. He doesn’t blog, for one thing, and isn’t much help with iPod issues either. I’m getting there, though. Be well, my dear

Judith Pratt-Jefferies

Very excited for you with this new project and for we who will benefit from listening. For me, learning demands its own pace – congratulate yourself for being “slow”, it is actually a newly learned skill.

Denyse Whelan
1 year ago

I like the title. Good on you for knowing your limits. I have prided myself on an excellent memory but now aged 70 I also use notes in my phone app and my paper calendar on the fridge along with my iphone to “remember”.

Loved reading this via #mlstl


Leanne |

How exciting! I’m so pleased for you to be taking on this new endeavour and I hope your podcast is a huge success! I’m also impressed with you tech-savviness, I feel quite proud of how much I’ve learned by trial and error in my blogging, but to do it for other people is always a headache. I also think a little slowing down/procrastination isn’t a bad thing, it’s nice to give our brains and bodies a little break now and then (unplugging) to refresh and get back on track without burning out. Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL… Read more »