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bliss.  noun.  supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment  (

Bliss.  It’s not a concept I’ve given much thought to as it’s always seemed to be a state that one created and, being mostly a happy person, I never felt the need.  Recently though I was startled with a peace of mind that I recognized immediately as Bliss.

It’s so noticeable when it catches you by surprise.  The surprise was twofold:  that my environment was so lovely in that moment, and that I hadn’t realized how awful my previous environment had become.

I won’t go into details but last Spring I was quite excited to move back to the city where I had raised my children, where I still had some dear friends, where I could look forward to the familiarities that time creates.  I was even back in the same ‘hood.

Summer was pretty nice.  I was walking distance to the ocean and my dog and I were out on our morning walk before much of the neighbourhood was awake.  My grandson was thrilled to visit whenever he wanted and loved cruising in my fun car with the all the windows open.

I had a suite in a house and my neighbours were noisy but it was Summer and there is no schedule in Summer – I remembered that much.

Then Fall came, and with it the westcoast rain that can last for weeks.  The upstairs noise did not abate and I struggled to concentrate and get back at my business.  Music was cranked at odd hours throughout the day so I was unable to plan a work schedule, but it was hard to complain about music during the middle of the day.

Evenings were another matter and when the noise went late I did message up for a reprieve.  My requests were the undoing of any neighbourliness.  My headphones became an article of clothing, the decibels increased.

My daughter and I perused the classifieds for new accommodation.  I didn’t want to move for the mere sake of moving, I wanted a place I could hope for long-term in.  A few days after Christmas, my daughter noticed a listing that might suit. Interestingly, my computer would not recognize any of the messaging info.  My daughter sent me the email address her computer acknowledged.

I’ll cut the long story short: within three weeks I had moved.  I love this part of the neighbourhood even more than my previous one, my dog has a lovely big back yard fully fenced, and the expenses are less than I had been paying.  My new in-house neighbours are three young men, which was a gamble, but they are delightful.

So about Bliss.

My first Friday in my new home I had a really productive day.  This was noticeable in itself as I am struggling to refocus into full days of work-mode.  Feeling accomplished, I poured myself a glass of wine and opened the Solitaire program on my computer.

That’s when it hit me. Bliss.  The silence was like a vacuum.  The peace was palpable.  I had not realized how tightly wound up I had become in my previous lodging.  I won’t even call it home.  Bliss was my state without even looking for a word.

You see, I had struggled to get any work done prior to moving, but when 4 p.m. on a Friday came, the weekend was inflicted on me whether I was ready or not.

My new young neighbours will never know how fortuitous it is that their schedules leave me alone in the house until after 8 p.m. on a Friday.  My weekdays are noticeably more productive too.  As working students, they are out a fair bit, but they seem to be good friends as any noise I hear is jovial and/or silly.  I raised three children – jovial and silly are fine by me. 

I’d love to hear from you.  Have you noticed how neighbours can affect your peace of mind, even your happiness levels?  In both directions.  Have you ever had “a neighbour from hell”?

It was a major decision for me to decide to relinquish home ownership, and last Fall I questioned my sanity in so doing.  Now, and especially after the series of Winter storms we’ve just had, I remember that it was completely the right decision!

Tell me about your favourite, or your least favourite, neighbours.

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Darla M. Sands
1 year ago

Oh, I feel for you. That situation is terrible. Back in the early nineties my husband and I lived in a very spacious apartment with lots of big windows to let in the sunshine, fitness and laundry rooms, even a pool and a storage shed on our balconey. Then a family moved in upstairs with a little boy who would not stop running back and forth, all day, every day. I couldn’t block out the thunderous booming, and my pleas garnered only derision. At one point I left baked goods with a note and later had a complete meltdown, crying… Read more »

2 years ago

Oh dear. I’m even more worried about something now. Last night, we went out with friends and had a lovely evening…so lovely no one wanted it to end when we got back to our house (the meeting point and therefore the end point). So I pulled out wine glasses and a bottle of wine and we sat on the porch – it was lovely warm evening with a full moon. But then we talked and talked … till midnight. And not too quietly. I was getting more and more worried as the evening went on…. it was a weeknight and… Read more »

sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

Oh I love the state of Bliss, Agnes and sometimes for me it is just little things. After a long run, I enjoy a shower and then just lie down and read – that to me is bliss. I’m so pleased you have found somewhere to live that you enjoy there is nothing worse than noisy neighbours! Enjoy your bliss time and thank you for sharing at #MLSTL. xx

2 years ago

Yes. I know this experience. My husband and I recently moved to Florida and for the first time in a while, I am relaxed. Even with the crazy traffic down here. Even though we’re still living out of boxes, I sleep at night instead of tossing and turning.

Leanne |

Our house is peaceful and all our neighbours are our age or older – peace/bliss/joy. I’m going through a really stressful time at work (about to put in my resignation) and the fact that I can come home to a haven makes me totally understanding of your newly found bliss.
Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

2 years ago

Hi, Agnes – You are so right. We can slowly become accustomed to something (noise, pain, negative energy…..) and then when its gone…..BLISS!!
I am glad to read that you made the move, and that it has been a very positive one. Cheers to you…and your new neighbours! 🙂 #MLSTL

2 years ago

We are lucky to live out of town and have no near neighbours so it’s only as noisy as we make it! I’m glad you found your bliss and may you continue to enjoy it #mlstl

Christina Daggett
2 years ago

I always appreciate it when we stay in a quiet place. Unfortunately, this apartment, here in the Republic of Georgia is not always quiet. The people above us are always scraping furniture across the floor, and the lady next door is always screaming at her kids. Thankfully we’re leaving for our next destination on March 2nd. Hopefully, when we get to Latvia, we’ll have a quiet place to stay. I’m glad you found a new home where you can have peace and quiet.

2 years ago

I am glad you found your bliss. Unappreciated noise is difficult to live with and undermines your sense of peace. It sounds like the move was worth it! I have my home to myself during the day and often find bliss. I could not work in a noisy environment.