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It’s snowing.  Sideways.

I don’t like snow.  I don’t like being cold.  I also don’t like being a whiner.

I do remember the excitement…

I remember the excitement of snow as a child!  Living on BC’s west coast, the norm is rain so snow was like a special surprise… with a shelf life. A few days without power was not nice but curling up under the blankets with a good book was payback enough.

Even as the mom of young children there was a certain excitement.  Maybe it was vicarious, maybe it was the rarity of being the hero who introduced my children to the joys of snow forts and snow angels.

Then there was the town where snow was expected

Then came the stage where I lived in a town where snow was to be expected during winter.  Downed trees blocking my driveway.  50 ft’ of shoveling only to watch as a snowplough filled up the street end of my driveway again.  Tree limbs groaning under the weight of the white stuff before giving up the fight and diving into my lawn like a javelin.  Thank goodness for the brother with the chainsaw.

Snow also meant tire chains.  Not to be beaten, I worked at being the queen of speed putting those chains on my van.  I’ll admit to a bit of smugness that time being one of the few passenger vehicles making the steep hill off the ferry because I was able to get one chain on a front tire in the tight confines of the vehicle deck.

Here I am whining again

Work.  Snow meant work.  Hard, grueling. repetitive work.  And here I am whining again.

Is it a product of my age that brings out this curmudgeon in me?

I need to go pick up my grandson from school in an hour.  Shortly I’ll pull my warm tights out of a drawer, get my snow pants and coat from the mud room, don thick socks and heavy boots and, with hood pulled close so I can do my zipper up to my nose, I’ll set out.  You can laugh now as I tell you I’ll actually be driving because he has his cello with him today.

Curmudgeon!  I’m a happy, optimistic person! Until it snows.  Snow brings out the curmudgeon in me as well as the grump and the pessimist.

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

What plays with your mood?

Do you have ‘something’ that plays with your mood like a child plays with an on/off switch?  Weather is the most obvious thing to me at the moment and you can figure out why that is.  But maybe it’s the partner who often leaves the gas tank on the fumes; maybe it’s the pet who hounds you through the night only to bring a play toy when your feet finally touch the floor; maybe it’s the child who loves you but only keeps in touch when the bank account needs a top-up.

Please leave a Comment of some sort on this post so I don’t think I’m the only person in my world with a curmudgeon trigger!