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Sometime ago I book-marked an article that I thought was worth keeping.  The title: How To Conquer Fear by Geoffrey James.

Opening paragraph: “Fear is the enemy of success. Large rewards only result from taking comparably large risks. If you’re ruled by fear, you’ll never take enough risks and never achieve success you deserve.

He has four key points:

Value Courage Over Security:  To conquer fear, you must consciously dethrone “security” as the thing that you value most in your life and replace it with the active virtue of “courage.” You must decide, once and for all, that it’s more important for you to have the courage to do what you must to succeed, rather than to cling to the things that make you feel safe.

Differentiate Between Fear & Prudence:  Prudence is a good thing. Just make sure you aren’t pretending to be prudent–when you’re just trying to avoid taking reasonable business risks, for instance, or putting yourself on the line to do what’s necessary.

Treat Fear as a Call to Action:  If what you fear is outside of your control (like an economic downturn), write down a specific plan of the exact steps that you’ll take in order to adapt, if and when it happens… But if what you fear is inside your control–some action that you’re afraid to take, that is–take a few moments to prepare yourself, then do the thing that’s scaring you.

Reframe Fear Into Excitement:  Today, I’m actually really excited whenever I discover something that I’m afraid to do, because I know that something wonderful is going to happen–provided I summon the courage to take action!

I have taken only my favourite snippets from Geoffrey’s article.  You can read his whole post here.

So often we use our fears as excuses or crutches for not taking a risk. If you are completely happy in and with your life, not a problem. But if you want to redesign any part of your life, then you need to face your fears head on. There is enough in life we can’t control; we must learn how to exorcise those demons that prevent us from achieving the life we want. And deserve.

I’m not saying it’s easy.  I still struggle with #1, but I’m getting better at the next 3 (even in #4 takes some serious self-talk!)

If you’re wanting something in life different from what you currently have, here’s my challenge to start:  Work on wanting something better/different more than you fear maintaining what you currently have!