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COVID is a hoax.  Now before you start slapping me on the back OR upside the head… back-slappers, sit down, shut up and listen… upside-the-head slappers, you sit down too, I’m on your team.

COVID is a hoax?  Really?  Like how can you consider that opinion as you read (you can read, can’t you?) about >81 million cases – and don’t start splitting hairs over the definition of ‘cases’ – and 1.7 million deaths – and don’t start whinging about ‘underlying conditions’ as if the disease that puts an already ailing body over the edge isn’t a cause of death.

COVID is a hoax?  I can even explain the logic behind the moon-landing-is-a-hoax or 9/11-was-an-inside-job easier than trying to find some logic to the COVID-hoax crap.

This article is partly in response to a really boring diatribe I hear from too many on social media (or is that antisocial media?) and an article written by a friend of a friend, a medical doctor, who spouted all sorts of illogical statements in a recent blog post.  And no, I’m not providing a name or a link because I don’t want to give her any credit or send her any followers (partly because she can’t be bothered putting an SSL certificate on her website so your browser may flash warnings at you).

I’ve done some research and here is my response to the foolishness I hear out there.

Fact: Of the more than 56 million people in the world expected to die this year, a paltry 1.77 million can be attributed to COVID.

My research:  Let’s compare apples to apples.  Of those >56 million, 74% will die from non-communicable diseases.  Hard to lump motor vehicle deaths or heart attack in with a disease that sneaks up on a body and attacks it despite the body’s best attempts to avoid it.  To restate the statistic, 1.77 million (as of today) of 14.5 million deaths from communicable diseases are from COVID.

Fact: 1.9 million people are expected to die from COVID by the time 2020 closes its calendar.

My research:  Let’s go back to that total-deaths number: 56 million.  If you look at the statistical chart, it still means COVID – in one short year – could become the 6th leading cause of death.  Unchecked, at that rate of chart climbing, where do you think it will rank this time next year?

Fact:  Vaccines exist for hepatitis A and B, rotavirus, seasonal flu, whooping cough, typhoid, cholera, meningitis, measles, rabies, yellow fever, and chicken pox.  Effective treatments are available for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, and malaria has an effective prophylaxis.

My research:  For COVID-19, only just at year-end having an expected-to-be-effective vaccine, the best tools are to limit personal contact and maintain good hygiene.  That’s not just me wagging my motherly finger at you saying ‘wash your hands’ – that’s from numerous infectious disease specialists, doctors, scientists.  How simple can that be?  Wash your hands often, wear a mask in case you have inadvertently become a carrier, and steer clear of a bunch of people who aren’t really close to you.  Geez, they aren’t asking for storm shutters or bomb shelters… they asking you to wash your freaking hands often and to keep your bad breath to yourself!  (and a moment of levity here… there’s nothing like wearing a mask to send you shopping for breath mints! or is that just me?)

Fact:  On 9/11, 2,977 people were killed.  Much of the world recoiled in horror.

My research: Since the beginning of December, that number has been exceeded on numerous days in the US alone.  Where is the recoil? Where is the horror? Where is the government leadership? and how the frick can you still call this a hoax?

Fact: Some leading causes of communicable death are as frightening as COVID.

My research: Absolutely, no argument there.  However, most of those are now regional (not to make light of the heartache and fear in those regions), COVID is now global.  I don’t think there’s a country in the world that is untouched by COVID.

Fact:  Many people, including government leaders, use the economy and the need for a lively economy, as their excuse for not implementing more stringent constraints on businesses and rules around how they do that business.

My research:  People who are fighting for their life, or even just to keep their families safe and healthy, are not much use to any economy.  To close everything down tight for several cycles of this disease will do far more to “flatten the curve” than half-assed (or non-existent) regulations over which businesses need to do what for how long.  [and don’t get me started on closing up all the local businesses who take strict precautions to protect themselves, their families, their staff and their clients while big box stores keep the doors wide open to all and sundry.]  I will throw a personal opinion in here – as someone who has had a brick-and-mortar business (that didn’t fail, it just didn’t succeed – there is a difference) – small business owners should have a substantial rainy-day fund and a Plan B before they jump into the swirling waters that are small business… and bottom-line, shit happens sometimes, there can’t always be a government bailout (I’m sorry that’s so harsh but risk is a real thing).

Fact:  Viral shedding can spread COVID but many of the powers-that-be recommend social distancing so that shouldn’t be an issue.

My research:  Let’s go back to the beginning of this article: the covid-is-a-hoax-ers.  They aren’t social distancing. There’s the group who think keeping their neighbour safe is against their civil liberties – they aren’t social distancing. People who live in lower economic areas often can’t social distance, nor can assembly line workers whose bosses see only the bottom line, not the people who maintain that bottom line.  How about institutions for the elderly, the migrant, the incarcerated… they’ve either been ignored or flown under the radar and it’s only when they start getting infected or dying, that the whistle gets blown. And then there’s that insidious group who just can’t see past their noses: “It’s ok, I’m safe, I’m so careful, I don’t go anywhere”.  They don’t go anywhere except to work, to the grocery, to the home of three close friends… four.. five… well, maybe it’s about seven, “but they’re all careful too!” and then they drop in on their elderly parents and of course they don’t need to wear a mask at mom and dad’s house!  That’s a lot of people not social distancing.

Fact:  70% of COVID cases recover.

My research:  30% of COVID cases aren’t recovered, they’re dead or active – and a bunch of the latter could go either way.  Included in the “recovered” statistic are the “long haulers”.  They aren’t the long-distance truckers you pass on the highway.  Google “COVID long haulers” and tell me they’re recovered.

I’m well past the 1,000 word point now so I’ll finish this up.  If you seriously believe COVID is a hoax, you’re a fool – or selfish.  If you can’t figure out which sites on the internet are credible, stand 10 feet from the staff exit of a hospital ICU unit and ask a few of the professionals how their day was.  How many hours have they worked in the last 6 months.  How many people have died alone on the ward. How many phones they’ve held up for families to say weep their goodbyes only to be interrupted with the words “They’re gone.”

Seriously.  If you don’t have a brain, try having a heart.