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I have a collection of framed quotes I call my Sassitudes and Savvytudes. I collected them for quite some time and then realized I should share them.  You can sign up if you’re interested:

Sassitudes & Savvytudes


Today I was sorting my collection and came across the Sassitude posted above. I had another chuckle and then realized that while it’s cute, it’s also really true.

So much of our life is spent fulfilling the roles our society suggests are the norm that often we forget to set ourselves a destination…  a specific destination.

Then there’s that phrase “be somebody”.  “Somebody” usually refers to a person who has had the type of success that makes them well-known, well-paid, well-respected and a well-spring of knowledge about their area of expertise.  All that “well” is a goal worth aiming for!  However… aiming for anything means you need a target. To be accurate, that target needs to precisely defined.

The “precise” bit is where so many of us slip up… or fall down.

Teachers or Nurses, Oh My

When I was young, most girls thought they’d be teachers or nurses.  When I got into high school, the thought of becoming an archaeologist was intriguing.  Then I was going to be a social worker. Looking at those career choices now, I know I didn’t get any more specific than those terms.  I didn’t think that I’d love to teach Math to middle school children, or that I’d be an ER nurse, or base my archaeological endeavours around The Cairns in The Orkneys, or become an advocate for Inner City children.  Specificity was not a concept that touched any part of my planning department.

Was I Living in DreamLand?

I’m almost afraid to ask this question – was I living in DreamLand all those years or was I the norm?

Nowadays I certainly have pretty specific goals, in several areas of my life.  It makes planning much easier because I can ask the questions “does this get me closer to my goal?”  Makes me wonder what I might have accomplished if I had learned specificity decades ago!!  Interestingly, when I talk to my 8-yr old grandson about his possible future plans, I do ask questions that make him clarify his thoughts (realizing, of course, that it could all change tomorrow!)  It’s quite fun!

How About You?

How about you? If you want to be “somebody”, is she clearly defined?  If your ‘somebody’ is domestic, like a fab Gramma, have you decided what your version of a fab Gramma looks like?  If you want to be the best blogger in your niche, have you set parameters for what that means?  If you want to set up an Amazon store, what will you sell to whom for how much?

Hopefully the rest of my Sassitudes won’t provoke as much soul-searching as this one… but at least I’ll have blog fodder for the next year!!

Let me know if you’ve been quite specific about who you want to be and how you want to show up… or, like me, have you kind of floated with the current too?