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Do you have a job? a side hustle? a part-time money earner?

Do you want a job? a side hustle? a part-time money earner?

There are many reasons!

There are many reasons to be “employed” at this time of life:

  • you like it that way
  • perhaps you were deemed redundant and your job was taken from you unexpectedly/prematurely
  • perhaps you miscalculated how much it costs to live in ‘retirement’
  • possibly you have a variety of new hobbies that more income will help you develop
  • maybe you were bored with ‘retirement’ and part-time work would challenge or entertain you
  • maybe you’ve developed a travel bug and you’re looking for a way to marry travel and income

There are a ton of opportunities for pre-, early- and fully-retired persons – you just need to know where to look, how to find them.

An easy to peruse collection

Some time ago, I went on a mission to track down some of these opportunities and collate them into an easy to peruse collection. 

Some of the jobs are online – which means you can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  Some are in your own town and you get to arrange your own schedule.

Retirement Jobs Link!!

The best thing is this list is just the thin edge of the wedge!  If it triggers an idea that you might like to do or you’re curious about, get on Google and see if you can find what you’re looking for.  or contact me and ask if I’m aware of it… the longer I’m online, the more things that cross my desk!

Earning extra money can be fun!

Earning extra money in retirement can be fun, even if it’s a necessity.  Usually, there is no such thing as ageism, skill matters more than a degree, flexibility is often a given.

The two things that I will end this post with are

  1. the list is unvetted – please do your own due diligence before signing on with a company.
  2. if you earn income, you need to follow the laws of your country about declaring income at tax-time.

If you’re already doing something fun or interesting to earn retirement money, please share in the comments below… or, if you’re earning extra money to allow you to do something you otherwise wouldn’t afford, let us know what!

Here’s the link again: