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It’s About Procrastination

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My name is Agnes and I’m a Procrastinator.

Don’t get me wrong! I have a huge amount of energy and I always have something on the go… but there are certain things I can predictably avoid.  Difficult phone calls.  Financial statements.  Facebook ads.

I was blind-sided recently when I found myself procrastinating over almost everything, even sitting down at my computer.  It took a while to pin-point the reason, and when I figured it out, I was puzzled.

Hint: Rain, Rain, and More Rain

It was the incessant rain and almost continual grey skies.

Now, 99% of you will shake your head and say “Where’s the surprise there, Agnes?”  I have, however, spent almost 60 years on the west coast of Canada, and some of that time was even in the middle of the rain forest where 100+ inches of rain each year was the norm. I’m the person who, after a long dry spell, has been known to go outside in my shirt sleeves and bare feet to absorb the rain when it finally arrived.

So… Yes, it was a surprise to realize even I was tired of the oppressive skies that have been our constant companion here this Fall, Winter and Spring.  That I, Ms. Webbed Feet, had finally had her energy levels depleted, sucked into the grey beyond.

Procrastination Was Not an Option

Well, I knew total procrastination was not an option. Despite the siren call of my lovely bed, getting back into it had to be avoided!  What to do?

I picked up a book I had been meaning to read but couldn’t concentrate.

Be silent, my duveted seductress!!

Really.  I couldn’t get back into bed because that would mean I’d be awake all night and you know what sort of self-talk that results in.

Antidote: The Creative Zone

Finally, my logical self surfaced.  My default activity when real procrastination comes calling is something creative.  It has to be creative in a tech capacity – no freehand endeavours here! – but ‘The Creative Zone’ really soothes my soul.

If I wasn’t going to find the wherewithal to be productive, I would be creative.  I decided it had to be business-focussed but I would let the creative juices flow – at least it would keep me out of my bed!

I browsed my video files but that didn’t pique my interest.  I browsed my blog posts file but writing felt like work.  I opened up my browser and reviewed my websites folder.  Three of them are current and active, one is in process, a future expansion.  And there it was.

An update to my About page on this site had been on my list because I was also using it as a redirect on

Ta-Daa! (Ta-Daas are always good!)

Ta-Daa!  It worked!  It only took a few minutes before the call of The Creative drowned the Silly Siren!  My brain became absorbed, my two monitors flashed with activity, and a business task was completed.

In reality, it was a task that could have waited.  However, it was important enough, it was business, and the Grey-Sky Procrastination did not win!

Judith Told Me To!

In case you’re wondering why I’m telling you all this, it’s because Judith thought it was a good lesson to note.  Judith is my friend, colleague and accountability partner.  Every 2nd Friday we meet up on Skype and, after catching up on the mundane, we check up on each other’s business commitments from the previous meet.

I love Accountability in business, and I take it really seriously.  That is perhaps one of the bigger reasons I couldn’t let my doldrums determine my behaviour throughout the week.  I might not have been able to say I accomplished what I had planned to accomplish, but I was able to say I had pushed through and accomplished something pending in my business, and that was better than napping!

Judith decided it was a good topic for a blog post, so here it… before our next meet.

Do you ever get tired of rain and grey skies?

Do you ever procrastinate?

What are your solutions?



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2 years ago

I am the Queen of procrastination. I should get an award for all of the things I have waited to the last minute to do. It’s not my favorite trait, that is for sure. But, I do tend to put things off to the last minute often, especially things that I do not want to do.

Linda Barnby
2 years ago

My best friend’s name is Procrastination! It’s so funny that you should know her so well too!

Debbie Harris
2 years ago

I admit to being a procrastinator too Agnes! I can so reacted to this and the weather does make it harder sometimes. Glad you finally got back into things though #mlstl

Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

Hi Agnes and welcome to #MLSTL. Some things I procrastinate about but usually I’m a list girl who gets in and starts ticking things off as soon as I can. The weather isn’t a problem as I live in Brisbane, Queensland which is still hot, even though it is supposed to be Autumn and our Winters are sunny and clear. Do you feel jealous? LOL:) I do have to give a speech in a few weeks and although I have in my head what I want to say I have been procrastinating about getting it all together. So thanks for… Read more »

Jan Wild
2 years ago

Yes procrastination is definitely part of my life, particularly working for oneself the temptation to do nothing is strong. I have a particular meditation I use when I feel that I am procrastinating and have gone past the point of balance between action and rest. I get an anxious feeling and know I need to get on with it.

2 years ago

We booked a trip to Florida to get away from the Ohio glum and rain. I want to complain to someone but it isn’t like anyone can do anything about the weather. lol I procrastinate over everything gloomy weather or not.

Karen Hume
2 years ago

Hi Agnes, I’m a Canadian too, living in Ontario where the last two weeks have been grey, cold, windy and wet with a combination of ice, rain, and snow. I would never that thought that I would procrastinate because of weather but this mid-April winter is getting to me and I find myself doing exactly as you’ve described. What works for me is to make a one-page weekly to do sheet – habits and commitments in a top block divided by day, and then tasks into the bottom sorted into columns with headings like ‘blog’, ‘financial’ and ‘computer cleanup’. When… Read more »

Candi Randolph
2 years ago

We moved to Florida (where the sun always shines) from Michigan (where the sun almost never shines) and never looked back as far as the climate is concerned. So the rainy times here are almost a break from all that sun! When I feel stuck or unmotivated, I usually switch my focus to another task or activity, and then come back to the other one when I can see it with fresh eyes. Love your sense of humor!

Leanne |

All interesting questions Agnes. I’m not really a procrastinator – but I’ve been known to put off stuff that’s boring or tedious for as long as possible. My usual plan though is to put my head down and power through and reward myself for finishing. Now I just need to apply it to my exercise regime (or lack thereof) and I’ll be a fitness goddess!

Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM xx