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In 1971, 1st year university, I bought Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking”.  I never read it.

What a poor choice that was!

The power of thinking is the single most important determiner in our lives.

Crap can go down; wonderful things can enter our space; a whole spectrum of people can come and go throughout our lives, and at the end of the day it’s all about how we “think” about those events that will determine our happiness levels, our success levels and our self-image.

If we view events and people in a negative light, we can become sour, distrustful, and disillusioned.

If we view events and people in a positive light, we can be hopeful, happier, and more trusting.

There are a ton of studies that prove this.

By the time we’re over 50, most of our standard reactions are quite firmly and automatically entrenched.  Our friends and family can fairly accurately predict how we will respond to things, how we will view everything from the weather and politics to news of a friend’s windfall or demise.

  • Why do some people complain about the weather while others simply dress appropriately and get on with their day?
  • Why do some people get excited over another’s good fortune while some people grumble about silver spoons?
  • Why do some people look at the wealthy and commend them for their hard work and generosity while others snark about shysters and illegal activities?

In a word: Conditioning.

Yes, Conditioning – it really is as  simple as that.

Growing up, your input came from parents, other family, and neighbours; from teachers, community leaders or church officials, and even from what you saw on TV.

The messaging may have been pretty straighforward or it might have been more subliminal, packaged in vague terms and innuendo.

Your young brain took it all in, however, and the views you heard became your outlook on life and the interpretation that would filter all the events of your youth and early adulthood.

By the time you were independent of these early influences, your brain and your heart were molded—the die, shall we say, was cast!

I won’t belabour this because there’s good news!  It’s not your fault, and you can change!

Ya gotta wanna, though!

Sassy Savvy Successful Women is all about Re-Discovering your Sass-Factor; Acknowledging your Savvy, and Creating the Success-Full Life you deserve!

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