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A friend posted an article about the price of alcohol in B.C. today. Fortunately, that doesn’t affect me as I only drink wine!

It did, however, get me to thinking about the fact that I’m now old enough to pull that old line “When I was a kid, a chocolate bar only cost a nickel!” Haha, that’s the truth too, although I can remember two sizes of chocolate bars: the 5₵ ones and the 10₵ ones. I think there were bigger ones too but my allowance had so many places to go! (How much is Double Bubble now?)

Which leads me to the thought that the prices of things have increased enough over the years to recollect a number of ridiculous statements we’ve made as prices rise. I call it the When-Then statements.

“When gas gets up over a buck a gallon, then I’m going to start taking the bus!” I pay $1.31/litre now and still have a vehicle, and drive it.

“When cigarettes go up over $2 a pack, then I’m going to quit!” I don’t smoke but I remember a whole bunch of people saying that! A quick Google search just now suggests they’re about $10/pack and there seems to be a whole lot of people still smoking (especially around the nearby hospital… a curious oxymoron to me).

“When this cheap wine gets to $5 a bottle, then I’ll refuse to buy wine!” Be still, my wooden nose!!

Nowadays, complaints arise around the price of cell service, disposable diapers, and name brand sports shoes… to name just a few.

I’m curious to know if anyone else makes When-Then statements. I’d love to hear them! We can have a good laugh together!