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Two Boomer Women Podcast


Two Boomer Women Podcast

These two Boomer women are Boom-ing With A Bang!

This podcast has been almost a year in the making! Sulaika, on the left above, is also known as The Story Goddess – – and that’s me on the right. My bio is this website – hope you check it out!

Sulaika and I have known each for a number of years now. I worked in ElderCare, she had a parent using our services. We had no real reason to connect except I worked in a way she appreciated and when she came by for my style of clarification, she fascinated me with her flair and her tenacity.

Over the years, we connected for several reasons, usually over her parent, and a friendship began. Even after I left the facility that had brought us together, we continued to keep in touch.

Today we are fast friends and comrades – a development made interesting by the fact we have very little in common. Therein lies our strength.

In Sulaika’s words…

This Podcast is entirely the brain child of the Mega-Techno brain of my Podcast partner, Agnes. I can barely find my way out of a phone booth — see, you know where I am coming from when I use this
dinosaur reference, right? — Although I might have initiated the idea one day in October 2018 when I asked her if she would mind calling me first thing in the morning – to get my work agenda rolling because I
missed the hum of human contact being self-employed. Well, one week turned into a couple of months, until Agnes said one day, “you know…we have some very interesting conversations, why don’t we…?”

The point in this reverie is that people need to talk to each other. The word ‘communication’ comes from the Latin, ‘communicarè‘ which means to ‘care.’

We care very much about the active, progressive art of conversation and we hope this inspires you to include more of it in your Boomer life…???

Agnes gets the last word… well, the last printed word…

I will agree when Sulaika says she started this journey as a techno-peasant. As you will hear however, as the days and weeks and months go by, that part of her brain starts percolating, and processing.

I’ll admit I’m still the “Mega-Techno brain” in the relationship, but I love the way Sulaika’s responses have changed from the incredulous “We can do that?” to the confident “We can do that!”

Take inspiration from her journey to believe that you too, can create an online presence and an online business and an online brand that will not only finance your “retirement” but feed your soul in ways you might never have imagined.