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The Happy-ness Quiz

I like who I am.

I feel like my life is in good balance.

Life's successes are not only about job promotions and big houses. Successes include completing a crossword puzzle and finding a great parking spot - do you celebrate them all?

I celebrate my successes.

"New" can be job related or something fun - it all counts!

I learn or do something new a few times each year.

I have a positive, optimistic view of my future.

I have a clear vision of where I'm going & I have purpose in my life.

I laugh joyfully and often.

I feel I express my creativity.

I have hobbies that I enjoy regularly.

I have a rewarding life outside of work.

"Special" can be as simple as a manicure or more extravagant like a vacation. It's all about doing nice things for yourself.

I do something special for myself several times each year.

I generally enjoy life and feel happy.

I never feel remorse or regret because I'm able to move on from things.

I enjoy going to work.

I have clear career/business goals.

I feel healthy and have lots of energy.

I have a healthy lifestyle (Food, Activity, Water, Sleep)

I don't let Stress get to me.

Dealing with stress in a "healthy manner" means using exercise, breathing, meditation etc. - you do not use food, sleep, shopping, tv/internet, or alcohol or other substances to deal with it.

If I have stress I deal with it in a healthy manner.

I am happy and relaxed in my home.

I am happy with my relationship status.

I am happy with my social life

I have family and/or friends I can call on at any time.

I contribute on a community or global level with my time or my money.

I am comfortable with my financial situation.