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Meet Agnes




I’m not sure where you’ve been for the last 10 or 20 years but, if you’re here now, I’m thinking you aren’t quite where you’d hoped to be.  Not a problem—you’re in great company!

How old are you?

If you’re under 55, then the good news is you can get started on your life/business/finances (whatever you plan to accomplish here) and still be retired before your peers and the government expect you to be.

If you’re older than 55, then we’re going to become really focused and make sure you reach the goals you set for yourself.

Whatever your age, we’re all living longer and we need something to focus on for the next
20, 30, 40, hell, maybe even 50 years!  What better project than your life and all the things you still want to accomplish.  And I’m loving creating our community here so I’d say the sky’s the limit!

Who am I? 

I’m Agnes Knowles, a “woman of a certain age” – haha, in my 60s now, with huge plans!

I’ve probably done most of the things you expect a woman my age to have done: married and divorced; three children; variety of jobs over the years including a couple of home-based businesses and, finally, a pretty good career; gave up that career (and home and life) to move and take care of a dementing mother; adult daughter moved back home with a baby; financial struggles; sucker-punched by the post-2007 economy… waa, waa, waa—most of you tell a similar story (or worse).

(The reason I tell you this is not for sympathy… that gets us nowhere fast… but to let you know I understand there are reasons we (you!) may not be where we (you)’d hoped to be by now.)

I finally decided the only person I was going to be able to count on financially was myself and I’d better get off my ass before I became one of those dog-food-eating seniors you used to read about!

My solution was to go online.  I was online, struggling around, messing about, for four years before my lightening bolt hit.  I have no idea why it took me so long to see the light but, moot point as I have figured it out now.

And my mission is to make sure you put all this in the right order, cut the corners you can and get to where you want to be in a shorter time frame than I have.

Let’s get to the point!

By the time you get to this age, you’ve got some bruises, and probably even a few scars.  We deal with those in different ways… we have our reasons… and we have several names we can put on the dartboard. 

But here’s the good news/bad news bit:  You, and You alone, decide how much your past is going to weigh you down.  You, and You alone, will choose how you are going to move forward, and how you’re going to design your life and make the choices you need and want to make.

This “You alone”-bit is the ugly truth!

The following quote has been attributed to a bunch of people—I don’t know who said it first but I’m saying it again here:  “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Bottom line: if you don’t have the life you want, are you prepared to do something you haven’t tried yet?  I know what I’m talking about, my friend, the last few years have been an exhilarating ride!  Let me quote Shirley MacLaine “Don’t be afraid to go out  on a limb. It’s where all the  fruit  is.”

There are a bunch of courses out there that’ll help you develop an online business, or write a book, or invent the next great thing… but, if you’re anything like me, the missing link is the mindset bit – we would have done any or all of those things by now if our “gray matter” wasn’t holding us back in one way or another!

Seriously, if our heads were in the right space… if we hadn’t been telling ourselves a few surviva-lies over the years, don’t you think we’d been doing our best works by now?

This brings me back to why, after 4 years online, my knowledge base was huge but my bank account wasn’t!

And why you’re in the right place to do this now!

If you’re over 50, we talk the same language. (If you’re under 50, you’re still welcome – you’ll get used to my irreverence and the “Sass” part is definitely learnable!)

We listen to the same music.

We tell some of the same stories.

We’ve lived through the same events.

We recognize some of the chambers in each other’s brains… which is why I am confident that if you stick with me, then you’ll Re-Discover your Sass-Factor, you’ll Recognize your Savvy, and you’ll Create the Successful Life you deserve.


So let’s discuss this Sassy, Savvy & Successful!

Sassy is in the best sense of the word.

Whether it’s making googly-eyes at the inquisitive face of a three year old in the grocery store line-up, or flirty-eyes at the 32-year old bartender who’s extra generous with the red wine when you sit at the bar with your galfriends, or feigning coy dismay at the cheeky advances of your 92-year-old neighbour… your sass-factor is what keeps you fun, and young, and open to adventure.

Too many of us have lost touch with Sass over the years!

Savvy refers to all the knowledge you have stored between your ears.

Believe-you-me, there is more than you realize… certainly more than you give yourself credit for.  Whether it’s the insight that tells you Christmas will be stressful if your brother’s there or the certainty that you can set up anyone’s entertainment centre, the confidence that you make the world’s best carrot cake or the sheer volume of books you’ve inhaled over the years, you have an incredible amount of savvy in your life.

I bet money you don’t have a clue just how prepared for life’s hurdles you are… if you hadn’t spent so much time obeying the brules (those bullshit rules we all grew up with)!

Successful is what you deserve to be.

Seriously.  You’ve paid your dues, you’ve played by the rules, you’re a nice person… you deserve to be successfulThere may be a truckload of reasons, or excuses, or justifications why you aren’t living your life the way you’d hoped, why you don’t have the success you thought would come your way… but get prepared to park that truck at the gate because you’re not bringing it into my yard!  We’re building Camelot here – each of us architect to our own vision – but I’m in charge of the foundation and all ‘reasons, excuses, and justifications’ are going to the landfill, getting ploughed under, and left to expire.

Successful is what you’ll be if you’ll trust us both and be accountable on this journey.

Ready to embark on this great adventure?

Ready to create the future you want?

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