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I moved cities recently.  It was unplanned, unexpected, a leap at an opportunity that materialized seemingly out of nowhere.

Everything unfolded quickly and even the potential obstacles melted away without a blink.

Because the move happened so quickly I had a two-week overlap where both my former and my future homes were mine.  This was good as it allowed me to move important things by myself, measure up my new place and plan the layout and usage.  Yay!!

Then things started to go sideways.

This story has a point so please do not feel any sympathy, concern, or agony on my behalf!  Although I thank you if you have a moment or two.

Allow me to go to point form now to make this easy.

  1. my movers were concerned when they saw the size of some of my antique furniture pieces that the job would need extra swampers and they weren’t keen on hiring as there are minimum job requirements that would inflate my price considerably. Would it be a physical risk for them to do the job?
  2. on one of my personal trips with a van full of electronics and fragiles, the transmission on my van got really pissy on a long hill.
  3. when I took my fun car in for a tune-up so it would make the trip successfully, the mechanics found my front brakes were seized. The car is 52 years old and parts are not readily available.
  4. the mechanics next checked out the transmission on my van and weren’t prepared to tackle the job as the van was old, high mileage and the model had a reputation for unreliable transmissions.
  5. my trusted mechanics in my previous (and long-term) home town immediately nixed putting the money into the van. It was declared deceased.
  6. the managers at my storage locker informed me prices were going up imminently.


All of the above happened within 4 days.

I believe The Universe talks to us and it was right about #5 that I was seriously wondering if The Universe was saying “Don’t do it!”  I poured a tall glass of wine, sat in quiet meditation and reminded myself of all the reasons I was excited about this move – they were all great reasons!

Then I reminded myself of my long-standing claim to fame: like the cat with 9 lives I always manage to land to on my feet.

  • I sat down and emailed my movers with 2 possible options – they were thrilled and agreed immediately.
  • I questioned my local mechanic about my van and he told me the Kidney Foundation will arrange towing and gives tax receipts, even for non-working vehicles. It was arranged within 20 minutes.
  • I went onto the Facebook page for my car club and put out a plea for help, although I knew many members were away at a Car Show. I had a phone call within minutes and although it was not productive, a private message from a friend from days gone by was full of cooperation and he drove quite a distance to make sure I had the parts in my hand before dusk.  My landlady jumped into her car first thing next morning and drove me and my parts down to the repair shop.  My fun car was home by noon.
  • I phoned the shop owner from my previous town asking about what I might buy next and he admitted he had a nice sedan with a bit of class and a sunroof that might suit my needs – that transaction was completed 48 hours later.
  • I gave notice at my storage locker, confident I could figure out a way to reintroduce all my belongings to life in the new place.


Phewff.  I’m tired just rehashing all that!!


As I write this post, I have been in my new home for two weeks.  I am almost unpacked and I have one last trip to clean out my storage locker.  I love my new place, as does my family, my dog, and the friends who have seen it.

Earlier I promised you a point to my story and here it is:

  • When push comes to shove, you can find the solutions you need to move your life forward. By this age you’ve done it before, somewhere, sometime. Remember that.
  • Reach out to people who might be able to help or have a solution. Most people are happy / willing to help or refer you to someone who might.   Ask anyone and everyone.  If you’re sincerely appreciative, someone will step up.  People are like that.
  • You’re stronger than you think. We have this invisible reserve of Fight or Flight within us and when we need it, the Fight will get you through the turbulence. It appreciates having a job to do, and reminding you that it knows how to do its job!


The moral of my story for me was remembering.  Remembering that I can be resourceful.  Remembering that people are good and caring and generous.  Remembering that no matter what things look like on social media, in our communities, people are our neighbours and that means something.

I’d love to hear how someone rallied to help you with an unexpected event… helped you because you reached out and asked.