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Ok, that title is just for effect.  At the time of writing this, I do not have a business partner.

I do, however, have a second computer set up on my desk that, for now, is used by only one person, and production is at a high level when that person sits in the chair.

Enter: My Grandson

That person is my grandson, recently turned 8, and he takes his time at that computer very seriously.

He is registered at where, as time permits (he lives in another city), he is learning the basics of coding.  As video is an important part of my business he has learned how to use my editing software and has his own YouTube channel.  He is passionate about working alongside me and very proud of his video endeavours.

When we first embarked on this video adventure I would video his escapades on an off-road scooter a neighbour gave us and the rest was up to him.  Last Christmas my son (world-traveling uncle) gifted him a GoPro camera that mounts on the front of his scooter or on his helmet.  Enter independence!

Family Photos

Another trait of my grandson is his interest in family photos.  While he doesn’t remember the time, we lived 4 generations in my mother’s home town prior to her passing.  He does love the story about how much his great-gran loved him because, with her advancing dementia and his infancy, they spoke the same language. Where there are pictures of my mother, there are also pictures of my father, in uniform, and my grandparents living life on their dairy farm. Great stories for a young boy.

I was recently given an idea that he is excited about as it engages all his interests at Gramma’s house: the pictures, the computer, video and editing.  While I can still remember who most of the rogues’ gallery is, and some of their stories, he is going to scan photos and create videos from them – recording family history so it will be permanently saved for him, his sibling, his cousins and all their families yet to come.  We’re both excited about this project!

So why the title?

Well, honestly, I would love to be in business with family members!  I’m not sure how that would transpire, or what it would look like, but I love the concept.

Boomer Research

As I do more and more research about the “Boomer” years, I find more and more articles discoursing the animosity between the generations, the loss of family stories, the disconnect happening in much of the western world.

I say “Poppycock!”

If all those people who write about it, who complain about it, who bitch about the apparent gulf growing between generations, would get off their butts and go show some respect to, learn the stories of, and appreciate a different generation than their own, loss and disconnect might be rarer.

Respect is probably the key word there.  I may be writing about the generations, but the truths are the same whether you talk about generations, or cultures, or beliefs.  When did “disparage” become the go-to verb in inter-personal relations?

Off The Soapbox, Agnes!

Off my soapbox now!


Who’s saving your family stories for future generations?

What business would be a hoot to be in with a grandchild?