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Do you still have your High School yearbook? preferably your Grade 12 yearbook. If you do, stop for a minute and go get it.

Remember the most important things

Can you take yourself back all those years… and remember the most important things?

  • What were your plans for the Summer? for the Fall?
  • Were you going to Grad? did you have your dream date? your perfect outfit?
  • Did you want a car? have a car?
  • Did you have plans to move to another city? country? continent?
  • Were your plans different from some of your closest friends?
  • Who were your closest friends?
  • What were you going to be?
  • What were you going to do?

Such a momentous time

Graduating from high school is such a momentous time. You’re considered an adult whether you’re ready or not. Often times, the financial support of your parents officially terminates.

There are a ton of emotions! Which ones do you remember?

  • excitement
  • anticipation
  • apprehension
  • freedom
  • independence
  • fear
  • loss
  • readiness
  • defiance

or perhaps you have a few more you can add in the comments below!

How do you feel remembering all this now?

How many dreams did you accomplish?

Whatever happened to your closest friends? your high school sweetheart?

Did you travel? get that degree? that spouse? that life?

Your responses to these last questions will range from delight to despair.

The good news is that, while you can’t turn back the hands of time, you can still dream… and the wisdom you’ve gained over the years leaves you in a position to plan smarter, act efficiently, and Win!

The better news is that you can find mentors now – there’s even one writing this post just waiting for you to step up!

Anything is still possible

The best news is that anything is still possible! I chose to not use the word “everything” there… marrying Prince Charles is no longer an option; being the first woman in space is not a title to be had anymore; meeting Nelson Mandela will never happen.

Tell me the grown up, adult dreams you have these days.

Share a secret aspiration you need just a wee bit of encouragement to go for.

I’m big on dreams and aspirations and I’d love to hear yours.