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Age is just a number.

Of course it is, but years of conditioning lend a great deal of meaning to numbers.

I’ve known people who didn’t deal well with ages 30, 40, 50… there’s something about those decade numbers!

For me it was age 60.  I’ve always looked forward to the future and 60 was the first time I realized I no longer had more than half my life to get it done, and get it done right!  I’ve heard the same story from a number of people.

(For those of you who raise their eyebrows that I felt I still had more than half my life at age 50… well, I come from a long line of long-livers!)

However… if I’m going to be a long-liver, I still have 30, 40 years ahead of me, and well, honestly, this Gramma has always been off her rocker!

I’ve always had a Sass-Factor, I’ve always been pretty Savvy (even if I didn’t believe it at times) and there are so many meanings for Success (a fact I regularly find myself reminding my peers about!)

So Sassy Savvy & Successful @ 60 became a bit of a mantra…

and that is how Sassy Savvy Successful Women was born!!